• about me

    Tread the line between pragmatism and idealism, dreams and reality.

    My left and right brain are constantly bickering with one another. I guess that means they are rather healthy and still growing.

  • what i do

    My training is in conceptual product design.

    Conceptual design relies heavily on research and ideation to produce relevant visions for future products. But neither do I shy away from styling nor mechanical detailing and rendering.

    I have a personal interest in new media platforms as well. I believe that combined with product design the two will transform lives. I am looking into learning the relevant skill sets in either areas.

  • self-driven projects


    The Bag Project was done in conjunction with a more senior designer. It proved to be a rewarding experience in terms of learning about my own risk tolerance versus drive. The project emphasized market research and trending. It is still WIP.


    Website is my latest victory that you now look at. Coded in textedit with the help of various online html, css tutorials and javascript demos. It is meant to showcase each of my projects in more detail.

Check out memo - stuff that keep my brain juice pumping, product or others to see my past works.

[Update 14/2/12 : I am currently seeking product or social media related design position (open to relocation) / project opportunities. Am able to work independently or in a team. Open to constructive criticism and definitely looking forward to learning from other professionals.]

[Update: 6/3/12 : Started work! =D]